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Engineering Manager 

Involved in various technical aspects of product development, including building and releasing products, creating new modules from scratch, and managing technical personnel.

Build and Release: Work with different teams, With developers to make sure provided build is correct and any critical bug fixes are added in the release. With QE, make sure all the test case scenarios are passed and do not have any regression or new bug and provided build is correctly tested. With the Docs team, make sure all the release notes and new features docs are added.

Managing Technical Personnel: Managing technical questions and queries from developers, testers and other technical staff. This involves starting from scratch, like providing sample apps/deployments to start with product. Providing guidance on the future product road map from technical perspective. Provide feedback and encourage individual to improve on technical sides.

Also play a critical role in building and managing a community of engineers:

Building and growing a community: Involves creating innovative strategies to attract and engage new engineers to get hands on the product, building relationships with members, and establishing a solid online presence.

Manage communication: This involves moderating discussions, answering questions, and providing support to members on the different social media platform like Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Slack etc, forums and email lists. 

Develope and promote content: This involves creating and promoting new content that is relevant and valuable to the community, such as Tutorials, blog posts, webinars, and videos on different social media platform.  

Analyze and report on community engagement: Responsible for create reports and after analyzing, presenting that findings to the management. This helps to determine what is working well with community and where improvements can be made to get more engamenents on the product. 

Collaboration with other departments: Work closely with different teams in the organisation such Engineering, Marketing, Customer Support, Product Management etc to make sure we are working towards the same goal and meeting community needs. 

Advocating for the community: Be an advocate for the community and represent their interests within the organization. This includes advocating for resources, budget, and other support needed to maintain a successful community.

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Team Lead

  • Technical discussion with stakeholders and creating approach notes and providing technical solutions to business needs, help project managers create plans.

  • Leading team of experienced and fresher engineers. Trying to build an excellent team by providing technical and non-technical guidance to engineers by playing the role of coach, or mentor

  • Research recently developed features of OpenShift components and create detailed test plans and test cases for various scenarios.

  • Identify bugs to file accurate defect reports and verify those on time.

  • Collaborate with the engineering team and product managers to shape, build, and improve new and existing features of OpenShift.

  • Develop automation test code using GoLang and Ginkgo framework.

  • Debug failed automated test cases executed through CI/CD jobs and raise a product bug or fix automation scripts.

  • Develop fully automated Jenkins CI/CD jobs or improve existing ones using Python and Groovy scripts.

  • Perform automation code review through GitHub or GitLab and support another team to improve automation ratio.

  • As QE Release Lead performs various QE release tasks, processes, and testing methodologies to deliver a quality product.

  • Execute functional, integration, regression, upgrade, and stage tests following AGILE Methodology.

  • Driving SCRUM meetings from the technical front as Technical and Release Lead.

  • Deliver technical sessions across teams, and mentor new hires.

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Senior Technical Engineer

  • Resolve ansible config and connectivity issues, and debug playbooks to work accordingly. Optimize ansible.

  • Ansible Tower installs (single & cluster), backup-restore, upgrade issues. 3rd Party logging integration, Workflow design, survey, schedules, notification etc.

  • Social Authentication with Google, github, gitlab and enterprise authentication with SAML, Azure AD, LDAP, Kerberos.

  • Integration with RHEL Satellite, AWS, GCP, AZURE, VMware, OpenStack, Red Hat Virtualization.

  • Windows server management with authentication such as ntlm, basic, kerberos, certificate, credssp.

  • Simulate issues in the lab and share finding with engineering.

  • Test early release and file new issues/BUGs on Githug/Bugzilla.

  • Write knowledge base articles with step-by-step procedures.

  • Delivered technical sessions on meetups and conferences.

  • Good hands-on with microservice architecture and design using container and orchestration technologies around it.

  • Experience in handling network stack of Kubernetes, OpenShift and Linux.

  • Experience in CI/CD pipelines for code deployment using Kubernetes and OpenShift.

  • Experience in debugging all components of Kubernetes and OpenShift along with applications deployed on it.

  • Troubleshooting all kinds of Kubernetes and OpenShift issues in various areas like networking, storage, and installation. Fixing bugs in OpenShift components thus identified.

  • Troubleshooting and fixing performance hits in application pods or nodes.

  • Coordinate with the product engineering team to expedite a bug fixes & hot test fixes.

  • Analyze system crash dump.

  • Identify the system/application performance bottleneck using various performance debugging tools.

  • Handling critical issues of strategic accounts within SLA.

  • Led team from the technical front and mentoring new hires.

  • Contributing to product documentation and knowledgebase.

Infrastructure Engineer

  • Providing L2 Linux system administration and support to 4,000 Servers remotely,

  • System Administration and Support on production, development and QA servers,

  • Handling the issues / trouble tickets escalated by L1 and escalation to L3 if needed by following with them on OCS or by having a conference call.

  • Co-Ordination with client for scheduled apache maintenances and for escalating the issues / troubles to them,

  • Work on RT Ticketing System,

  • Building Xen DOM 0 and DOM U(VMs),

  • Monitoring Servers with Nagios, Configuration of Nagios ,addition of Host and different service checks in nagios ,Troubleshooting and fixing problems in nagios restart.

  • Clearing the Nagios Alarm for Several checks,

  • Performance Monitoring with Cacti, Addition of Host and Service checks, Troubleshooting and fixing problem if graphs are not populating.

  • Apache Config Changes,

  • SSL Certificate creation and renewal,

  • Sudoers management,

  • NFS mount troubleshooting/clearing,

  • SVN Management,

  • DRAC / ILO monitoring, management, and troubleshooting,

  • RAID drivers and firmware Update,

  • Managing the SWAP partitions

  • Scheduling cron Jobs.

  • LVM Implementation and Management

  • Handling the issue escalated by development and QA team.


Savitribai Phule Pune University

Master of Computer Science

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